Hey guys and girls,

Throughout this quarantine I have been baking non-stop which is a good and a bad thing. Yummy treats to eat but probably meaning that once we are out fo lockdown I will be 100 stone heavier.

I have to be honest and say I don’t follow recipes exactly, my scales are not the most accurate and sometimes I will chuck everything in and not completely follow the method (I know awful of me) but it tastes all the same in the end.


Banana Bread



One that I never used to like but have now become its biggest fan! I mean have you completed your quarantine checklist if you haven’t made banana bread yet? The answer to that is no, no you haven’t. Its super easy to make just get a few old bananas and you are good to go! Absolutely delish!


  1. I put three bananas in and it wasn’t too strong so I would recommend 3 rather than 2
  2. I also added choc chips which I think are an essential to be honest
  3. Heated up this is a dream

Deliciousness level: 5/5


Lemon Drizzle


Next is Lemon Drizzle, my family’s personal fave, delivering them around the place like no tomorrow! For this I really didn’t follow much of a recipe or guide. I was baking with my friend and we had decided on fairy cakes so I was going to make lemon fairy cakes and use the rest of the mix to make a lemon drizzle (I didn’t even end up making fairy cakes). But the lemon drizzle turned out so so yummy and the cupcakes were fab for a little lemony treat! If you want to make life easier I would probably just follow an actual lemon drizzle recipe – I know Mary Berry is a firm fave for baking but I’ve had hers before and the layer of thick sugary icing was just too much for me so I went astray.


  1. Would recommend putting more zest into the mix and maybe even a dash of lemon juice
  2. I made double the amount of this mix and only came out with a small loaf and 5 cupcakes so bear that in mind when baking using the original amount!
  3. Made my own drizzle icing. I mixed icing sugar with lemon juice (squeezed from a lemon). You need a lot more sugar than juice) which made a royal icing and then I poked holes in the loaf and poured that in and honestly was insane

Deliciousness level: 4/5


Jammy Biscuits


OMG. These Biscuits are to die for. My friend and I have been baking each week and we decided to do biscuits and I stumbled upon this recipe. These are so easy to make and make the yummiest biscuit ever even if you didn’t put the jam in. These would be fun for the kids to make too. Top tip: These warm are insane.


  1. Filled with as much jam as I wanted (again not following the recipe exactly)
  2. Didn’t add bicarb as I don’t have any but still tasted the same
  3. Taste insane straight from the oven. I recommend heating them up for a few seconds when you eat them (be careful of the hot jam though)

Deliciousness level: 5/5




Brownies are something I am awful at making useless they are from the packet (The Costco ones are to die for) BUT this recipe has changed the game for me. It makes the yummiest gooiest brownies you could ever imagine. This recipe is from one of my fave breakfast places back in Manchester called Black Milk (OGs will remember when this was in Afflex!). Not too difficult to make and taste insane. I put mini eggs in mine as it was Easter when I was making them but I bet they would taste amazing with anything thrown in.


  1. For once I didn’t change anything and actually followed the recipe!
  2. Dust with icing sugar to finish off

Deliciousness level: 5/5


Fridge Cake


This is something my sister loves to make. It’s great for after Easter if you have loads of left over easter eggs lying around. I don’t follow a recipe for this, think of it like a sandwich. This you can really just make your own, add whatever in whatever quantities/ sizes go wild! A quick easy treat.


  1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave (keep an eye & stir often so it doesn’t burn)
  2. Once melted bring out of the microwave
  3. Break up some digestive biscuits and pour into the chocolate
  4. Add in some marshmallows
  5. Add in Malteaser’s (can break these up if you want I kept them whole)
  6. Pour into a mould (I used one of those silicone baking moulds as it makes it super easy to pop out
  7. Put in the fridge overnight to set
  8. Enjoy!!

Deliciousness level: 5/5


Choc Orange Cake


Chocolate Orange cake is something I kind of made up way back when we had a work Bake Off sweep stake. Chocolate orange is one of my favourite flavours so it only seemed right to make this. The aim: marble choc orange cupcakes with a choc orange buttercream icing. A lot going on here but they taste delicious. I don’t have a set recipe so thats super unhelpful however if you make one regular cake mix and one chocolate cake mix thats a good place to start. In the regular cake mix zest an orange and also add lots of orange juice until it tastes nice and orangey. Note that this mixture will be runnier than the other. Then what you need to do is put some orange mix and then some chocolate mix into cupcake cases with different amounts to make a marble effect. In the image above I made a loaf with no icing hence the picture looking different to what I am describing. Cook these for like 15 ish mins. Once cooked and cooled you can make the icing. For icing I melted chocolate and mixed together that with icing sugar and butter as well as some orange juice to make a buttercream. To finish I also added chocolate orange segments on top!

  1. These do come out quite oily if that makes any sense, that is just because of the juice of the orange but trust me they taste divine
  2. Maybe try find an actual recipe if you want something more set in stone haha

Deliciousness level: 5/5


Triple Choc Cookies


Wow wow wow wow. These are the best cookies I have probably ever had. Even better they are so quick and easy to make. My friend made these for her sisters birthday and now she has everyone baking them aha. I followed the recipe exactly and following the cooking instructions exactly do not over cook or they won’t be delicious and gooey. I made mine quite large so they were quite cakey and fat but you could always squish them down if you prefer a thinner cookie. When they are warm they are gooey goodness and when they are cool they are like a yummy cookie brownie.



Deliciousness level: 5/5


Somehow now I can’t stop eating banana bread and I didn’t even go near the thing pre quarantine. Probably going to set up my own bakery when this is all over.

Happy baking!!

Lots of love xx




Hey guys and gals,

Todays post is all about what you can watch during quarantine as we all have so much time to kill nowadays. So here is my curated list of some series/ films across different platforms that I have access to. But if you have indulged in Disney plus then I think I can easily say everything not there will be good haha!


Netflix Recommendations

  1. Dead To Me – My favourite show on netflix. A traumady, a murder mystery (my fave ofc, with humour involved) Such a great show just watch it. Season 2 is coming out so soon yay!
  2. Haunting Of Hill House – A good spooky show with a really really good story to it
  3. Stranger Things
  4. The Good Place
  5. Safe – Really good mystery series!
  6. The Crown
  7. Confession Tapes – Quite repetitive but a good one if you like murder mysteries
  8. Gossip Girl – good easy binge watch as well as PLL
  9. Black Mirror
  10. Bodyguard
  11. The Stranger – Good to binge but I don’t think it is as good as they hype suggests.
  12. Altered Carbon – Series about a future where you can have your memories uploaded to a ‘Stack’ which can be inserted into ‘Skins’ (essentially different people and you can live on forever). Theres more to it than that but thats the jist of it, haven’t watched series two yet but I did enjoy series one
  13. Once Upon A Time – a series about every storybook character and they are now in the real world and have forgotten how they got there – never finished the series but it’s quite an easy watch
  14. Girlboss – About the founder of Nasty Gal
  15. Tidying Up With Marie Condie – Great for this time to help clear your house
  16. Clueless – CLASSIC
  17. Isn’t It Romantic
  18. Before I Fall

BBC Iplayer

  1. Killing Eve – My all time favourite TV show. A must watch!! Season 3 has just come out and I’m really enjoying it. I have watched season 1 & 2 three times, safe to say I may be a little obsessed. Think I just love TV shows or books that involve mystery/ murders are thrilling and have a bit of humour attached. If someone could make my perfect TV show then it would be Killing Eve
  2. Naughts & Crosses – New to BBC
  3. The Nest
  4. Race Across The World – a show where pairs of people race against each other to get  to a set location with a set amount of money. Really good watch and really eye opening to all the different beautiful places in the world
  5. Normal People – Adaptation of a book in my to read list



  1. Liar – Series one is good, didn’t get into series two as much
  2. Quiz
  3. Any new ITV drama really!


NowTV / Sky

  1. Big Little Lies – Murder mystery again loveee
  2. Manifest – Haven’t watched yet but looks good, was reccomended by a friend. It’s about a plane that goes missing for 5 years and turns up and no one on the plane has aged a day. Defo going to give a watch soon


  1. The Derry Girls
  2. Humans – a drama series set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for a busy family is a Synth (robot).
  3. Celebrity SAS


Disney Plus

I caved but I think Disney Plus is one of the best things to grace our presence during this quarantine! Has all the classics on there and all the TV series if you were a die hard Disney Channel kid.

  1. Alice In Wonderland (the original of course, although the live actions are good too!)  & Lilo & Stitch – my personal faves
  2. Coco, Moana, Zootropolis & Wreck It Ralph (1+2), Finding Dory are some of the more recent Disney films that I love!
  3. Princess Diaries
  4. 10 things I hate about you
  5. Parent Trap
  6. Freaky Friday
  7. All the remakes – Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Lady & The Tramp (which I have on my watchlist)


I know there is probably a lot more which could be added to these list but I mean we cant spend all our time watching tv right?

Stay safe and lots of love xx



Hey guys and gals,

Hope everyone is holding up well. If you like reading like me then this is the best time to dust off some books that have been in your to read pile and start working your way through. Or if you are not much of a reader and want to get into reading then this is the perfect time to start a new book. For me anything that has a murder/ thriller/ mystery to it is a definite win when it comes to books, so you may see a slight theme.

So far during quarantine I have read 4 books and I am on my 5th – safe to say I am spending all my wages on books right now. The books I have read so far;

  1. The Family Upstairs by Lisa Jewell| Such an interesting read. I really enjoyed the story line and mystery throughout had really good twists throughout would definitely recommend | 4.5
  2. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng|Such a heartwarming sad story which I recommend for everyone to read. It’s a really good book and makes you really think a bit more deeply in to how every person sees a situation, and to just be a bit more mindful of everyone | 3.5
  3. The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides| WOW. This was such a good book. The twist at the end was really interesting. The storytelling throughout was captivating however in my opinion ended quite abruptly | 4.5
  4. The Chain by Adrian McKinty | Another very interesting plot line and makes you think about what you put on social media. I did like the plot and was an interesting twist at the end although not one of my favourites | 3

I also recently read ‘Where The Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens just before this quarantine which I enjoyed. An interesting mix between a coming of age tale with a murder mystery (of course). A book I think everyone should read.

Some other book recommendations:

  1. I See You by Clare Mackintosh (4.5) – Really interesting read with such a good twist at the end which I did not see coming (which is hard for me to say!)
  2. Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton (3.5) – Interesting read about a murder mystery but to figure it out the protagonist wakes up in a new body every day.
  3. The Woman In The Window by A.J Finn (4.5) – About a woman who is house bound and sees a murder across the street. Very interesting read.

I am currently reading ‘The Perfect Wife’ and so far I am really enjoying it. It’s about a woman who died and her tech husband has made her into a robot. I think it is a very interesting concept and the addition of the murder mystery of course has me hooked. There are lots of twists and turns along the way which has me hooked. I will do a Book Club post on it and let you know what I think of it when I have finished.

Although I am trying hard not to order more books I do have a few (or slightly more than a few haha) on my to buy list:

  1. Behind Closed Doors by B.A Paris
  2. Atomic Habits by James Clear
  3. Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney
  4. Sorry I’m Late I Didn’t Want To Come by Jessica Pan
  5. The Flat Share Beth O’Leary
  6. The Happiness Track by Emma Seppala
  7. Her Every fear by Peter Swanson
  8. Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams
  9. Blood Orange by Harriet Tyce
  10. The love square by Laura Jane Williams
  11. Normal People by Sally Rooney
  12. The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks

I will let you guys know if I pick up any others and update you on what I thought of them in another post. In the meantime check out my other book blogs if you want  post one  & post two.

If you have any good book recommendations let me know as I love to go off recommendations as sometimes it is really just a bit too hard to judge a book by its cover! I have also created a good reads account so follow me over there if you want to be updated on my reads more frequently!

Stay safe and lots of love xx



Hey guys and girls,

Long time no talk. Weird time we are in right! First off I hope everyone is keeping well and safe and staying hopeful that this will all be over soon. The aim of this post is to give you all some ideas on what you can get up to during quarantine as well as some tips and tricks to stay positive during this time.

My tips:

  1. Get up at a reasonable time, if you lie in all day you will just feel sluggish and more negative about being stuck inside!
  2. If you like to feel like you are achieving something during this lockdown make a list each day of things you would like to do. This can help to keep you motivated and feel like you are getting things done even if it is simple things like paint your nails or do a facemask. Being able to tick these things off gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.
  3. Set some goals (if you want to) but don’t set yourself up for failure. Make these little challenges that you want to achieve and again don’t feel bad if you don’t complete them or become a perfectionist at something as this isn’t a competition. Instead its nice to have something to work towards if you are usually at work or uni/ school and like having something to keep yourself busy.
  4. Spend some time away from your phone, do something else instead like bake or sit in the garden or watch a film read a book. Anything to get off your phone as constant scrolling will not pass the time and is not good for you!


Now on to things that you can do to keep yourself busy:

  1. Make a routine it may make it easier to keep motivated throughout this time
  2. Self care – facemasks, nail care (cut, file & paint nails), wash hair, hair mask, have a nice long shower and shave and moisturise!
  3. Curl/ straighten/ crimp hair
  4. Do your makeup real nice take some selfies (dont post enjoy for yourself because you are beautiful!)
  5. Clean & tidy your bedroom (tidy room tidy mind!)- dust, tidy any draws that you are home to a load of random things that you don’t even know what’s in there! Go through your makeup and get rid of any old or unused products, same with nail varnish
  6. Organise your clothes – fold everything up neatly, organise in colour order or t-shirts/ jumpers etc, make a pile of anything you want to sell/ donate when you are out of this lockdown
  7. Redecorate your room (put new photos in frames, move things about to follow your feng shui, maybe you have fairy lights that you have been meaning to put up for ages)
  8. Read a book! Anything you have indoors or order some (The woman in the window, the family upstairs, the couple next door, I see you (ALL AMAZING) some I have ordered – the silent patient, the perfect wife, the chain) Or even read some self help books (happy is quite a good one has activities in too)
  9. Play a board game with the family or friends (over FT)
  10. Put clean sheets on your bed
  11. Watch a film or TV show- Make a hot choc or a tea grab some biccies and sit and enjoy! Grab a cosy blanket and some pillows and sit and chill, also a good time to put on a facemask
  12. Work out – at home or go out for a run or a bike ride (make use of that one hour a day!). Things me and my friends do over FaceTime – Joe Wicks classes, Yoga & Pilates
  13. Mediate – I did one session using the head space app and it was so nice and relaxing before bed I would totally recommend. You can set it to as little as 3 minutes if you find concentrating on nothing for a long time difficult
  14. Go on a walk around somewhere scenic and pretty
  15. FaceTime people this is a great way to stay in touch and pass some time – me and my friends work out, bake and more together!
  16. Quizes with friends or netflix parties
  17. Baking – a great way to pass time and eat your delicious results (baking post coming soon)
  18. Draw / paint – colour in one of those mindfulness books, paint some pictures (even if your not good its fun!) 
  19. Do a jigsaw
  20. My personal fave – make some tik toks! They’re fun to do even if you do not post them
  21. Clean your makeup brushes! Really satisfying when you’ve done it
  22. Play club penguin – what a throwback
  23. Larger more boring tasks now we have the time – DIGITAL DETOX – (sort out all your photos on your phone / laptop, delete old texts or fb messages, get rid of any apps you don’t use, go through all your documents on your laptop and organise / delete any you don’t need)
  24. Cook yummy dinners – experiment with new foods or dishes, maybe make a fun mash up meal of things you have in the cupboard!
  25. Learn a new skill or a language (but don’t beat yourself up if you’re not a master by the end of quarantine! Think of this as something to purely kill time!)
  26. Watch some travel videos to make it feel like you are on holiday when we can’t be right now! I’ve been posting some of my own – check them out here


Thats it! They are my ideas for what to do in this quarantine. I hope you enjoy and this motivates you to get through this weird and crazy time. If you have any other ideas let me know. We are all quaranqueens.

lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

Welcome to my next book club instalment! I hope you all enjoyed the first. Now I am going to try and write these before I have finished the book but so far that has failed. So I have read this one so there will be a small review a the end. So if you do not want it to spoil your perception of the book then do not read it!

This book captured me straight from the title. Anything to do with death or crime I am so so interested in, the total Cluedo fanatic in me being let loose. The idea that this book had a very intricate plot line also totally drew me in. But the main thing I love murder mysteries and I totally love trying to figure out who had done it. Adding to this that the main character wakes up in a different body each time, who controls this and what is the reasoning behind this? Was also a major part in to what attracted me to this book. If you love a murder mystery like I do then pick this up.


A Review:

For me I loved all the character development although for me I think a second read and I would be able to follow it a bit better with each of their interactions as sometimes I was getting confused on who was who. Overall the killer reveal was very interesting however didn’t totally shock me (not that I’d predicted it but I think I will never be truly shocked after PLL revealed A was cece, I mean major let down or what??). I also found the idea of the plot line as to why he was there a little odd with a lack of true background to this. However, overall I really did enjoy this book and found it really interesting with all the different characters.

If you have read this book let me know what you think. Or if you have any other murder mysteries let me know too!

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

One word. Ecru. My favourite colour of this season which makes no sense as it is not autumnal in the slightest, no hint of earthy tones here. But lets reverse the seasons and make tones go all year round because why not! Ecru can seem a scary colour as can wash you out and can also be seen as a complete stain attracter. But fear not I am here to show you how to style my fave pieces that are nude tones to keep you looking fresh this Jan.


FYI my ecru jeans are out of stock so I have tagged the mom jean version as mine were the straight leg!

Full on ecru. full on ecru!? This may sound terrifying for some but I love the look of this. Add in a black belt and a colourful scrunchie to your hear and you have added some dimension to this ‘plain look’. I paired my ecru jeans with a slouchy ecru jumper.


Processed with VSCO with acg preset


Outfit Details:

Jumper: Monki

Jeans: Topshop

Srunchie: Primark


Why not try black jeans if you are not feeling full on ecru. Definitely an easy way to balance out a washed out look! My jeans are from Pull and Bear and I really like them – a great cheaper alternative to my faves Topshop haha! I got too impatient waiting for the black straight leg jeans to come back in stock so this was my second best option and would totally recommend.


Outfit Details:

Jumper: Monki

Jeans: Pull and bear


If you want to add some more colour into your ecru look then layer with colour. For this look I have layered my ecru bodysuit on top of my brown jumper and added on a black belt to break it up a bit. I also layered on some gold necklaces to add to the look.


Outfit Details:

Top: Primark

Bodysuit: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Belt: Primark

Boots: Topshop (Similar)


Moving away from ecru on ecru – I mean I think it could be the next double denim. But for the less brave of you out there why not pair ecru jeans with a block colour jumper. This jumper is from Zara and it is so cosy and warm. Navy is such a nice colour match with ecru.

Outfit Details:

Jumper: Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Another colour that goes super well with ecru is dark green. Again another Zara piece which I have been loving this season. Tuck some in or wear oversized to give a laidback look.

Processed with VSCO with acg preset

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Zara 

Jeans: Topshop

Clips: Primark

My last look for you is another way to make use of a bodysuit in the winter. Not the most practical when going to the loo though ahah! For this look I have paired my bodysuit and layered a jumper over the top with my trusty black jeans. Great to add a bit more to a look without looking like you have tried too hard. Also another fab way to make use of cropped jumpers in the winter!


Outfit Details:

Jumper: ISawItFirst (no longer available)

Bodysuit: Topshop

Jeans: Pull and bear

Srunchie: H&M


I hope you all enjoyed. Do you like ecru? Let me know! And let me know how you style it as I would love to hear of any exciting colour combinations that look good too as I do keep it simple with blacks and browns.

Lots of love  x



Hey guys and gals,

Welcome to the first in my book club series!!

This weeks post is something a bit different from my usual lookbooks however I love a good book. Especially now I am commuting I’m reading on average a book every week and a half. I wanted to create some book related blog posts and even incorporate you guys into them, whether that be through recommendations or us reading books at the same time and sharing our thoughts! To kick start I thought I would share with you the books I have bought since commuting thus far and then the book I am currently reading and if you wanted to join in you could pick it up and read and then I will update you on my thoughts in my next book post.


A quick run down on the books I read at the beginning of my work life journey:

  • The Librarian Of Auschwitz – such an amazing book I loved this so so much, so insightful and I actually learned a great deal. Would highly recommend this book to anyone!! I preferred this to the Tattooist but still both a great. 9/10
  • Nine Perfect Strangers – I loved the concept to this book being a sort of thriller/ mystery as I love those kinds of books and I had such high hopes. But I really think more could have been done with this book with bigger twists, the initial build up of the story was great but the latter half was slow. 5/10
  • The Tattooist Of Auschwitz – again a great read, more of a love story than the Librarian but still really enjoyed. 7/10 


Now to kick start January and the new year and my new outlook I thought it was only fitting to start reading a more inspirational book. Happy by Fearne Cotton was my book of choice. Its all about inner battles and learning to find the good in everyday and achieve the ultimate goal of happiness! I love this ideas within this book. It’s almost a take on an activity book with emotion check ins and other activities to do throughout. So far I am really enjoying it and loving how interactive it is! For me this is a book I dip in an out of. I usually grab to read when I have a quiet moment and can sit and fully take it all in and have time to reflect on the activities. For me its not a book to read all in one go as I think it will be better to read over a prolonged period of time and then you can really reflect on how your outlook has changed throughout your journey with the book. If you want to read alongside me that would be so fun and we can check in when I’ve completed it.

Lots of love and happy reading xx





Hey guys and gals,

With my new mindset for the new year I decided to start a bullet journal, to manifest happiness and also to document what I get up to for the year so I can look back and appreciate everything I get to do in my life.

I wanted my journal to be less like a diary as I use my calendar for those purposes and much more like a journal with goals pages and blog trackers as well as monthly spreads to let me reflect on the month.


For the first spread I titled out 2020 with some lavender plants to reflect calmness into my year. On the next spread is my 2020 outlook which outlines my travel goals, spending goals and personal / work goals. I also wanted to add in more long term goals so they are in the top right hand corner. I thought this was a nice idea as its good to have long term goals and also smaller goals for the year that can set to help you get to where you want to be in the longer term.

img_2631The next spread is my saving record for the year with an overall tracker and then three pots, one or my ISSA, one for my savings account that I don’t withdraw from, and one for any luxury items I want to save for such as a new iPad. On the right hand page are some lists of places I want to visit (will mostly consist of restaurants), books I want to read this year, habits I want to pick up and then skincare pieces to look out for.


Then I have a year in pictures which I think will be my favourite spread- I can’t wait to look back on this!


Moving onto the next spread is a tracker for my blog and a nice inspirational quote. Here I will write an inspiration for my blog photos or any ideas I have for posts. As well as my schedule i want to keep up and goals for my blog.


Then I move onto my monthly spread. This months theme was astrological themed, so I went for blue as my main colour. In the centre is a calendar which I have been colouring in any dates that I have plans for. I think have two flags on a string one with things to do and one with things to look forward to. Alongside some quotes and what I want to achieve as well as my saving goals for the month. I also have reflective pieces in my monthly spread as I really want this journal to be something I can look back on and see what I have achieved and done over the year, so I have a space for a polaroid picture and a place to write what I enjoyed that month. Moving over one spread is a journal log where I write a few sentences whenever I gravitate towards writing my journal and write down how I am feeling or what I have been doing at that time – a really nice time to reflect. I also have a habit tracker on this page which I can say I haven’t kept to this month whoops.


On the next spread is a blog tracker and a brain dump which allows me to plan out my posts and instagrams as well as anything else I need to get done. As being out of the house 12 hours Mon-Fri means I need to be super organised if I want to get anything done! I then added in a to do list on the spread behind which I don’t particularly like as it is not the most aesthetically pleasing but does the job!

Remember a bullet journal is for you so do not over worry if it isn’t super pretty, as long as you enjoy it that’s all that matters! Let me know if you have a bullet journal and how you lay it out! I love getting inspiration from other journals.

Lots of love x



As we are well in our way through January now I thought it would be fun to read over my last year review /resolutions blog and reflect on the past year! I also want to set out new goals for this year so I can look back next year as I think this is something so fun to do. I recommend for you all to do this and then you can really see how far you have come in the last year. I think it’s a great way to appreciate what we all have and what we are all able to achieve in our lives when we put our mind to it.

Travel was a big goal for me going into 2019 – I wanted to travel more, where I wasn’t fussed I just knew I wanted to see the world. With one trip planned when I wrote my review post a year ago it’s safe to say I travelled a lot. Having visited Milan, Budapest, Tenerife, Mallorca and Prague I have seen so many great things and have had  amazing experiences ! I also wanted to make sure I travelled lots before I started work which was very uncertain a year ago and now I’m so happy to be able to say I’m working my dream job and having the absolute best time ever – I don’t even really mind the early mornings!

Another goal of mine was to be more active, which is one that I can say I have not really achieved but is a goal I am carrying on into this year and will strive to for forever really.

Work wise, I wanted to keep on top of my work which I can say that I definitely managed, graduating from uni and completing my work to my best standards has shown that if you keep on top of everything you can achieve anything you set your mind to. For me this year is to keep on top of my blog and blog posts as I really do love writing them and want this to be a fun outlet for me for as long as I enjoy it! Last year I also wanted to read more which I did do for sure, especially over summer and now this year I am going to start a book club on my blog which I think will be really fun and hopefully interactive too!

A final goal of mine was to be more sustainably conscious which I am striving towards with a change in my shopping habits. This year I am to re-start my sustainability series this year with more tips and tricks on how to be more sustainably conscious if you are into fashion.

My overall goals for this year are:

  1. Drink more water each day
  2. Be more active
  3. Save save save

We will see how I do in 2021 (Crazy even just saying that).

2019. What a year. From graduating university to traveling the world and now fully apart of working life it is safe to say that a lot has changed in my life so let’s have a look back on the past year in pictures (my favourite way to capture memories).


My travels


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I wish you all the best year and I hope that everything goes your way. If I can give you one piece of advice it would be that so much change can happen in a year that whatever you are going through just know that everything will turn itself around eventually.

Lots of love x




Hey guys and gals,


Who else is excited for the new year?? Normally I see it as just another day, nothing exciting but this year I’m excited for the new year and looking forward to change. For me 2019 seemed like two complete separate halves, as if there were two years in one. So much has happened this year with a lot to learn from that I am looking forward to a new year – I will touch more on this in my resolutions post but for now I want to show you what I wore for NYE!

For me I went round to my friends for the evening, we had some yummy food and watched the fireworks, a lovely evening and much less chaotic than trekking into London and spending god knows how much. I wanted to dress for the occasion whilst also being comfy so I wore my sparkly top with a roll neck and black jeans! Sparkling my way into the New Year.

Outfit details:

Sparkly Top: Brandy Melville

Roll neckPrimark

Jeans: Pull and Bear 


Lots of love x


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