Hey guys and gals,

So I’ve been a working gal for a while now and I thought I’d share with you a weeks worth of workwear. To give some inspiration out to those who struggle deciding what to wear to work. Bear in mind my dress is quite casual so this may not apply to you, but nevertheless I hope you get inspired in some form.


Mondays are always quite hectic in the office due to trade. So a comfy outfit is needed for sure and comfy shoes ( I mostly wear my Nike trainers anyway as I’m always running round the office!). So my comfy cord trousers paired with a pretty top is the best outfit to go for! Stylish yet super super comfy. 10/10 for me.

Outfit Details:

Top: Primark

Jeans: Primark


8am Monday starts means I’m a little tired on a Tuesday so an easy outfit is what I reach for. Jeans and a T-shirt and my cardi to cover up if I’m a bit cold is perfect. These are my favourite jeans from Topshop paired with this nice slouchy tee also from Topshop. I want to get more T-shirt’s in this style so if you know of any like this let me know!! Again accessorising with some hair clips to make my outfit a bit more put together.




A dress is such an easy outfit for me. On its own, with a T-shirt underneath or something layered on top, they’re so versatile so great for work! Especially if you can’t be bothered to keep thinking of new outfits! I love this grey dress with the tulle detailing it makes me feel so princess like and I love pairing a white T-shirt on top to make it a bit more casual for work.

Outfit Details:

Top: Missguided (Similar)

Dress: Topshop


Again another dress haha!! I love that the colour of my long sleeve T-shirt matches perfectly with the little flowers on this dress pulling out the pink in the outfit so well. If you’re not a pink gal you could pull out a different colour such as the green! Would give a completely different look. Paring with my staple cardie and a white headband to finish off the look.

Outfit Details:

Cardi: River Island (Similar ASOS)

Dress: H&M

Top: H&M


The final day of the week and essentially the weekend. With an early start and usually drinks after work it’s a fun day to say the least. So I opt for something more put together if I’ve got plans after or generally I like wearing something that makes me feel good so then I’m in a good mood for work. I also love these maxi dresses at the moment, a movement from my maxi skirts and this one with stars is so beautiful to me! Just absolutely love! Oh and the open back adds just that extra touch! Paired with my white chunky trainers to give an edge to my look. One of my favourites for this work week!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Topshop (Currently on sale!!)


So there it is a sneak peak into what I wear to work! Let me know what your favourite was and what you like to wear to work! I’m super interested 🙂 see you next week for another post (let me know if there is anything you’d like to see!)

Lots of love xx




Hey guys and gals,

Now I know you are all thinking ‘How many times does this girl go away in one year?’ and I have to say this is the most I have been away in a year in my life. But with it being my last summer ever and having 21st birthdays and putting money aside so I can enjoy the last free summer I have, I certainly have made the most of it. I don’t think I have ever been so busy in one summer in my life.

Wandering to Charles Bridge

Now Prague is the last holiday I had booked and as of yet I don’t have anymore booked which is sad as I love travelling so so much I want to go on so many city breaks and just explore more of the world!

But lets focus on Prague for now, one step at a time haha! We spent three days in Prague which is ample time to explore the city. I think you could possibly do it in 2 as well if you want a quicker trip!

Day One

On the first day we had a wander round the centre walking down Wencelesas Square and falling under the astronomical clock in time for the hourly chime. Somehow we always managed to be there either just after or just before the chime which is weird!

Astronomical Clock

It was then time to head to the castle but oh did we get lost (thanks to me haha – I have to say prague is hard to navigate!). So stumbling across the dancing house which is said to represent Fred and Ginger which is super cool! We decided to stay down in that area of prague and go on some swan pedaloes which was really fun and a good way to see the sights and spend some time relaxing on the river.

Dancing House

Once finishing on the water we headed to the jewish quarter to stop for some lunch and found an ‘instagram’ style cafe where I had the risotto which was super yum. With full bellies we then looked around at the synagogues and cemeteries before we walked down Charles Bridge and took the iconic picture in front of the John Lennon wall, which had an amazing atmosphere with a man singing some beatles music. On our way home we grabbed a chimney cake for dinner which I must admit the one I had in Buda was much nicer. I think I just prefer hot pastries to cold! And that was it for day one. Completely jam packed and exhausted we were in bed so early haha.

Chimney Cake at The Good Bakery
On Charles Bridge

Outfit Details:

Top: Primark

Trousers: Primark

Shoes: Nike

Hairclips: Primark

Bag: Brandy Melville

Day Two

Castle day! We spent most of the day hear and wandered round St Georges Basiclica, The Castle and the cathedral which came under ticket B which cost us around £4 at a student ticket! So worth the money but one trick is take food with you (if you can) as it’s so expensive! But with break taking views and such intricate details on all the buildings – my favourite had to be the stain glass windows – it is definitely a must see!

In the Cathedral

For the evening we went to Maistra which is another veggie restaurant and I had the veggie curry which was delicious – if you have ever had the Raikusaru from Wagas it tasted like that but used cauliflower and chickpeas instead of chicken. Afterwards I found this nice rooftop bar in the main square called U Prince which was such a lovely area to sit and take in the atmosphere whilst sipping on a mocktail. All in all a fab way to end such a busy day!


Maiestra – Cauliflower Curry
Cocktails at Terasa U Prince
Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Outside St George’s Basilica


Outfit Details:

T-shirt: PLT

Top: Brandy Melville

Skirt: Primark

Shoes: Nike

Bag: Brandy Melville

Day Three

The final day is always a sad one when travelling as the ever sad knowledge that you will be going home soon creeps up on you. However we had a really late flight so we could make the most of our time in Prague. First port of call for the day was to go up the bell tower – something I love doing when I visit a new place is to check out the wonderful views! Its amazing how every place could look similar yet so different too.

View from the clock tower
View of the old town square

Once we had absorbed the beautiful view of the town square and Pragues wonderful architecture we headed around for a wander to another cathedral then we headed to Manifesto Market which was a bit tricky to get to, don’t follow Google Maps all the way as it takes you a strange route. Here there was food stalls upon food stalls of so many wonderful food options which seemed to be really popular with the locals – I would recommend going here as its a cool place to visit. After eating we decided to wander round the shopping centre – can you tell we were starting to run out of things to do? haha!! Exhausting all the options in the shopping centre it was then time for my friends to try a Czech beer as how can you go to Prague without having a beer? (Quite easily if you’re me haha), so off we went to find a nice place to sit out in the square and see the world go by. It was then time to decide what to do next. From recommendation we headed to the Museum of the senses which was so much fun, it’s a quirky interactive museum and a good way to pass up some time if you are running out of things to do! I would defo recommend, they also do student tickets which is always a great help! Sadly it was then time to grab some dinner before heading back to the airport to say goodbye to lovely Prague and hello to rainy England.

I hope you enjoyed my blog all about my time in Prague! Have you ever been? If so what was your favourite bit and what would you recommend? Let me know in the comments below!!

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

Welcome to part two of my mini series into Manchester. This time round I’m discussing all the fun activities and nightlife you can find in Manchester to suit any vibe. Whether you love a good night out clubbing or a more chilled affair hopefully there will be something for you in this post.

Let’s start with day time activities. There is such a variety of things to do if you like shopping then hit up Market Street or the Trafford Centre or if you like being a bit more cultural and visiting a museum/ gallery there are lots on offer. Manchester Museum, Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Art Museum to name a few, are some good ones to visit and they’re all free! One of my favourite activities (which is not just local to Manchester but one of my uni friends introduce me to them so I associate them with Manchester) is Escape Rooms. They’re so much fun if you’ve never done one I highly recommend!! Its essentially a collection of rooms with clues and you have to figure out the answers to break out in the 1 hour time limit! They’re super fun and usually have a scale of difficulty so its fun to challenge yourself and see which ones you can crack! My favourite company is Breakout Manchester – they do it so well. Next is Bounce in Trafford which is super fun it’s a collection of trampolines, inflatable courses and a ball pit – fun for all ages! If you want to release some energy this is the place to go and a fun one with friends. On the talks of group activities if you like bowling, Black Dog Bow is really great as bowling for students is so cheap and at certain time it’s only £1 but it does get super busy so book if you can or get there early to miss any disappointment!

The Christmas Markets are one of the most iconic events in Manchester and I would highly recommend them, with stalls upon stalls of food to gifts to mulled wine its a great place to visit and its all free to wander! Some of my favourites are the chocolate stalls or the cheese stalls – the pesto cheese is INSANE!! If you’re not there at Christmas however on the weekends in the Market Square area a smaller food market is run and also has delicious food.

Christmas Market Cookie Dough


Moving onto nightlife if clubbing is your scene then check out the below;

  1. Factory
  2. Fifth
  3. Deansgate Locks
  4. Club Liv
  5. Impossible
  6. Joshua Brooks
  7. NQ

There are of course plenty more but I’m having a mind block! If your looking for some cool bars, The Alchemist (for the cool cocktails, think science classes with smoke and flasks), Slug and Lettuce (241 all the time), Sunset By Australasia (really nice vibes – dressier), Cloud 23 (really fancy with a nice view of manny) and Dirty Martini (for the angel wing pic) are to name a few. There is also 20 stories which I haven’t been to which is also supposed to be nice! If you want something a bit quirkier try Twenty Twenty Two Manchesters very own ping pong bar, there’s also a bar with arcade games called 17 below which sounds like great fun!

Cloud 23

Let me know if you use this as a checklist for your explorations of Manchester! I would love to know if my recommendations have encouraged any of you to try and you have now found a favourite place!

Lots of love x




Hey guys and gals,

So you’ve headed to Manchester for University? Or maybe you are making a new move there and you want the best tips and tricks for when it comes to what to do. Well here is the best place to find them. Having spent 3 years in Manchester I sure have explored some great places. Yeah there are still SO many I want to go to but I can go back for the next 2 years as I have friends who are still studying there. So you bet I will have an updated post with more fab finds in the next coming years!

As I have so much to talk about I’m going to have two posts one for food and one for activities, nightlife and bars. Food will be my starting point. Now when it comes to food I think it is what makes Manchester stand out the most to me – and is by far my favourite part. With so many food places I have eaten I need to separate into Coffee shops/ cafes, restaurants & desert places (my personal fave).

Coffee shops are in abundance in Manchester especially in the Northern Quarter, there are still so many I have not been to but would love to try. Manchester is the place I was introduced to brunch so you will see an occurring theme when it comes to why I love these coffee shops haha! I am going to search through my photos and try and place some within this post to show you just how fab these places are.

I will start with my top 3.

Chapter One Books is hands down my favourite place to go and study. It does not have the most extensive options for cake so there are some better places to go. But for studying its absolutely perfect, has the chillest vibes with a water feature and calming coffee shop music. The decor is so lovely and there are loads of charging plugs! I would typically order a hot choc and sit for a few hours working the day away.

Ezra and Gil really cool vibes here and always packed which is a great sign! Their food is really good, again a small menu but I would highly recommend taking a trip here. Always has the best cakes and brownies.

Home Sweet Home my final coffee shop in my top 3. The brunch here is so great. Their pancakes are absolutely delicious! Just like all their food. They also do iconic cakes that are huge and have extensive toppings. So either pop in for cake of brunch or even lunch!

Other coffee shops I recommend:

    1. Teacup Kitchen – such nice brunch in the heart of the Northern Quarter.
    2. Black Milk Cereal – honestly went here about 100 times in first year. Think sugar heaven, cereal bowls, waffles and freakshakes, absolutely divine!
    3. Fig and Sparrow – really cute coffee shop.
    4. Common – cheap good breakfast.
    5. Sugar Junction – in the name full of sweet treats and brunch options.
    6. Cafe North – good cheap breakfast and lunch options.
    7. Federal – always packed but really good food! Recently opened a new one in Spiningfields area.
    8. Kro bar – on Oxford road, very yummy cheap breakfast options, also does lunch food which is equally as nice.
    9. Moose – not my fav but is a very popular spot.


Places I want to still try:

  1. Alabamas – for the brunch (of course, when would it be anything else haha!).


Federal – Spinningfields


The OG Black Milk before it moved from Afflex – yes they used to give you full cookie pieces !!

Moving onto restaurants, it is easy to say Manchester truly has the best food ever. My top three are as follows:

Number one is so easy for me. Two words Yang Sing. The BEST Chinese I have ever eaten in my entire life. Chinese takeaway back home just does not compare. The nicest duck and fluffiest rice ever. Is a for sure winner for me. I am so so sad it’s three hours away, bit far to go for a Chinese haha.

Rudys. BEST PIZZA EVER. Honestly not much else compares, they taste as if you’ve just hopped of a plane to Italy. They also have super yummy ice cream. But beware its always super busy and you can’t book, but its definitely worth the wait and is such a reasonable price! If you can try and get a seat where you can watch them make the pizzas, I always love that!

Gino’s. I love Gino he is so funny and his restaurants are just fab! The food is delicious, I recommend the chicken with mozzarella in – honestly amazing!!

Others include:

  1. Almost famous – fab burgers! A must go if you are a burger lover.
  2. Lick Lust Liquor and Burn – mexican food the counterpart for Almost famous.
  3. Dough – very yummy pizza.
  4. Ply – another yummy pizza place.
  5. Cosy Club – nice all round food, I particularly like their tapas.
  6. Alchemist – such good vibes love the fajitas and mocktails.
  7. Mugali – really nice Indian as well as Ziya (both on curry mile which is defo worth a visit).
  8. Bundobust – Indian tapas type food, very yummy.
  9. Icestone Gelato – Has the best cookie dough I’ve ever tried!






Places I still want to try:

  1. Menagerie
  2. The Ivy
  3. Australasia
  4. Hatch – for the cool food stands.
  5. Archies – I have somehow only ever had their curly fries!?


I hope you enjoyed my recommendations! Let me know if you try any of these places and if you like them! Or if you have any great places I need to try in Manchester.

Lots of love x




Hey guys and gals,

Me and my friend from uni planned a little trip away to Palma and it was such a lovely few days. Mostly we relaxed by the pool taking in the scorching sun before heading to the room to get ready for the night. Then it would be a walk into town past the port with a gazzilion boats and the gorgeous cathedral. After dinner we would soak up the lovely atmosphere in the square with an ice cream. Even though we were there only three and a half days (and I would love to have stayed longer) it didn’t seem too much of a whirlwind trip which is nice! So if you are thinking of going to Palma for the same amount of time then don’t worry its not going to flash by too quickly haha.

Palma is thought of as a city break but if you get a nice pool hotel in between the town and beach you’ve got the best of everything! Now in terms of beaches we got the bus down to Playa de Illetes, we originally thought we would walk but boy would that have taken a long time! So for €1.50 per bus ride it is totally worth it and only took 20 minutes from our hotel. Now this beach was in a cute little cove and was stunning with clear blue seas, however was absolutely packed! So I recommend getting there early and also splashing out on a sun bed as people were sardined on the beach haha. All in all would highly recommend this beach and apparently its nicer than the beach nearer Palma centre so definitely go!

Playa de Illetes

We had a variety of food whilst in Mallorca. The first night we ate pasta in the square next too Lonja de Mallorca. Then we had the yummiest tapas in Ombu, I HIGHLY recommend this restaurant and the chicken caesar lettuce wraps – absolutely delish! And their cocktails/ mocktails were so good too. This place is a little on the pricer side but then I think most places in Mallorca are so keep that in mind. Then we really wanted paella on our last night but it was so hard to find which I found so shocking but we ended up finding some at a random restaurant and it pretty yum. We finished each night up with ice cream from Best Gelatos, our favourite was the cookie dough, I would say go for that one as the others were pretty average other than the mint.

Mocktail at Ombu
Mint and Cookie Dough!!


Whilst I was in Mallorca it was super hot, 30 degrees every day even in the evening it was still mid to high twenties! So outfits were on the cooler side for sure. There is something so easy about a white top and some colourful shorts that I just love whilst on holiday!



Outfit Details:

Top: Primark (Similar New Look)

Shorts: Topshop

Shoes: Boutique 

Outfit Details:

Top: Stradivarius

Shorts: Boutique (Similar from PLT)

Shoes: Boutique 

I had such a lovely trip and would definitely go back! Where have you gone this summer or where is your fave summer destination if you have not gone away. I would love to know!

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

I have to admit it’s been a few weeks since I started now but I’m so pleased to tell you that I’ve landed a job at Paperchase as a Buyers Admin Assistant. I couldn’t be happier or more shocked!! And I’m loving every minute.

As the first week in a new job can be daunting enough deciding what to wear shouldn’t add to that! Now for me I’m lucky in the industry I am that the dress code is quite casual and I don’t have to wear smart clothes or suits! I started on a Wednesday so I only have three outfits to show you but I thought I’d show you nonetheless plus it’ll be fun to look back on!


For the first day I wanted to dress to impress so wore this lovely Primark maxi with a T-shirt underneath to add a bit more to the outfit. I added some clips to my hair as I’m still obsessed with them and wore some H&M loafers on my feet (which have rubbed them but I suppose that’s new shoes for you 😦 ).


Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop (Similar ASOS)

Dress: Primark (Similar M&S or Abercrombie and Fitch)

Clips: Primark

Shoes: H&M


I bought this skirt a week prior to starting as I wanted to pick up a few pieces more work appropriate to wear in my first few weeks. I absolutely love the colour and print – I have a matching top, however they’re not the exact same colour which is very annoying! So I paired with a simple white top and wore my Nike trainers.

Outfit Details:

Top: Missguided

Skirt: Primark

Trainers: Nike


Friday yay the weekend !!! Again another skirt paired with a T-shirt. Such an easy outfit and super comfy to wear around the office. I’ve also been taking a cardy in with me as the temperature varies depending on where I am so I have it just incase I get a bit cold.



Outfit Details:

Top: PLT

Skirt: Primark (Similar &OtherStories or Missguided)

Trainers: Nike

For me I’m sure I will be gravitating towards skirts and dresses for a while as they’re for sure the nicer/ smarter clothes I own. I am planning on doing another post like this in a few months time to update you on some of my fave work looks. I may even buy a few more work appropriate pieces but hey I will probably end up wearing jeans with a variety of tops soon enough haha. Anyways I hope you enjoyed!!

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

I hope you’re well! Unlike my usual lookbooks and travel posts this one is going to be much more relaxed – purely because the holiday was just so relaxing there is not tonnes to talk about especially when comparing to a busy sightseeing trip like Rome! I hope you’re not fed up of all my lookbooks but they are my favourite blog posts to write and I have been fortunate enough to go away a lot this summer. Let’s stop rambling and get on with the interesting stuff!

I had never been to Suffolk before, but I can tell you it did not disappoint. Aldeburgh is a typical beach town with cute gift shops, boutiques, cafes galore and the more expensive shops such as Joules it really did encapsulate a beach town through and through. With a lovely pebble beach – and a sea that looked freezing but some were venturing in – as well as the yummiest fish and chips I can understand why some love staycations more than holidays abroad.

For us we mostly chilled by the beach and wandered through the town exploring the shops. Other days we headed to Snape where we went to the Maltings and explored the crafts and home shops (they had the most beautiful homeware). Or it was a lovely walk along the beach to Thorpeness for ice cream and a trip on the boating lake. Which I have to say was probably the nicest boating lake I have ever been on it felt like I was in a Disney movie haha, it was just beautiful!

Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop (Similar ASOS)

Dress: Primark (Similar M&S) (Similar Abercrombie and Fitch)

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Missguided

Top: Brandy Melville (Same in white)

Skirt: Forever21 (Similar) (Similar at Lipsy)

I had such a lovely time down in Suffolk we were so lucky with the weather, it’s so nice to go somewhere and just completely switch off which I think is always needed. What is your favourite seaside town? Let me know!

Lots of Love x






Hey guys and gals,

This post is way overdue considering this all happened the end of July beginning of August but my do my posts get back logged easily! With July being super busy August was the best time to meet up with some of my uni friends to finally celebrate my birthday with them.

Typically we like to spend it in London as that is where most of the action is happening, and this year I decided I really wanted to visit Kew Gardens. Having never been before it was somewhere in my mental list of things I’d really like to visit. I have to say it is huge and there is so much to do and with a student ticket only costing £8 it’s totally worth it. I think my favourite parts were the greenhouses where they keep so many tropical plants and flowers from around the world! It’s crazy to think about how many species there actually are out there. Afterwards we headed towards The Prince London which the only way I can describe it is an upmarket bar and food court. Which is so beautiful, so many fake flowers everywhere its an instagram dream! It’s a great place to catch up with friends and grab a quick drink and bite to eat. Maybe book ahead as it seems thats what people do as all the tables were booked up, we just managed to sit at one and we would have moved if the party who had reserved turned up but I’d say book just to be safe!

The second day we went to Fego which is a really yummy cafe and then headed into Windsor for the afternoon to wander along the river and feed the ducks! Windsor is a great day out and you don’t even have to spend much at all, you can wander outside the castle, have a picnic on the great walk, walk by the river or just window shop!

Here is what I wore both days:

Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop (Similar Missguided)

Skirt: Primark (Similar ish – Dorothy Perkins)

Belt: Primark (Similar H&M)

Bag: Gucci (Bicester)

Shoes: Nike (Similar ish YOOX)

Outfit Details:

Top: Missguided

Jeans: Topshop

Belt: Primark (Similar ASOS)

I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if there is anything you would like to see on me post on my blog!

Lots of love x




Hey guys and gals,

We are way into summer now, debatably at the end. Which is sad for most people, but for me I’m still floating around job hunting! (Right so I always write these posts in advance then check them over on posting day and I now have a job that starts on Wednesday!? So summer is most definitely over for me) I have to say we have had the oddest selection of weather, when it has been hot its been HOT, 38 degrees? In the UK? WOW. And the super hot weather we’re having currently. 30 degrees this bank hol yes please! Then we have had bursts of really cold weather which I certainly did not enjoy when I got back from sunny Mallorca.  So before we head into our autumn fashion here are some of my favourite looks from this summer.


The first of my maxi skirts obsession, I think they are fab for spring and summer when it’s not quite warm enough to get your legs out but jeans or trousers are just a bit too hot.  A good graphic tee is always a staple in my wardrobe any season as it is super easy to pair with anything. I particularly like this one due to the corset detailing, it’s from Topshop last year but I have tagged some other graphic tees with a similar vibe. Accessorising with an animal print headband to tie the animal print in the skirt together.

Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop

Others – Missguidedone two three four five

Skirt: Primark


This skirt has quickly become one of my favourites, coming from my new found love of maxi skirts – if you told me a few years ago I’d be wearing maxi skirts I would not have believed you. I definitely want to add some more to my collection eventually. I love the look of the tie up top with the ruched detailing, I think details like this can really make an outfit pop.

Outfit Details:

Top: Primark (Boohoo – kind of similar)

Skirt: ISawItFirst


Florals are a must for me this season. Pairing this lovely crochet top with these gorgeous blue shorts screams summer. Simple easy outfit. An outfit to be worn on a super hot day or when you want to tan whilst relaxing in the garden!

Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop (Similar ASOS)

Shorts: Miss Selfridge (Similar Boohoo)


These shorts have been a staple this summer. I love the utility style combined with the paper bag waist it creates a feminine look to something otherwise quite masculine (in my opinion anyways). And of course I love the shade of pink! They also come with pockets which is fab as so many clothes these days has fake pockets! Paired with my romance top yet again and some simple trainers.

Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop 

Shorts: Topshop (Currently on sale so buy buy buy!)


I hope you enjoyed this look into some of my favourite looks and pieces from this summer! Hopefully it gives you some inspiration for what to wear this bank hol. I am so sad it is already come to an end I want it to be summer forever!

Lots of love x


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