Hey guys and gals,

So Christmas is right around the corner and if like me you are never prepared and don’t have presents till late the week before, this is the gift guide for you! These gifts are great for anyone be it a friend, partner or family member I know that anyone would love to receive these.

Starting with Primark’s fluffy PJ’s – these are a definite must and I ask for some almost every year. With new Disney characters each year and the addition of TV shows such as Friends there are fluffy PJ gift sets for anyones taste! At only £12 for the softest cosiest PJ’s your friends will love you. Not to forget to mention they come with fluffy socks and are available in mens, womens and kids!

Now a gift for those who love movie nights. The movie set from Primark that has popcorn, two popcorn buckets and a prosecco glass – for all you classy people – it’s fab. Checking in at £10 it will not break your bank either. Or maybe hot chocolate is more their thing. The cute ‘Snuggle Season’ mug with hot chocolate powder and marshmallows is a must at only £5.00.

Primark have great gifts in at the moment. The Disney phone cases at only £3 come in at such a bargain and I think any Disney fan would love them. I for sure snapped one up. Coming in a variety of catch phrases from “Call me on my shell phone” for the Little Mermaid to “low power mode” for Sleeping Beauty, they’re funny witty and also fit any phone from a 6 to a 8??

Moving away from Primark to online, ASOS has some great gifting bits, especially books. Some of my favourites which are great coffee table books (making fab gifts) are “The little book of spirituality” at £6.99 and “Leopard: fashions most powerful print book” at £16.99. Or at the pricer end Vogue X Music at £50.00 looks like an incredible read.

Maybe your gift is to be aimed at the beauty world. How about the “BEING by Sanctuary Spa bodycare collection” at £20.75 – with a saving of £20.75. Or maybe lipsticks are more their interest, why not gift the “ABH Matte nudes lipstick set” at £22.00 making a really nice gift. If you are buying for male how about the “Giorgio Armani men’s miniature Christmas Gift Set” for £29.00. Alternatively at the cheaper end gift “Nivea men gift set seriously smooth” at £16.00.

Lush is great for gifts this time of the year. Snow fairy is my favourite scent and they have so many options. First the Snow fairy soap at £6.95. Interestingly they have a body spray scent coming in at £20.00. Or go full Lush traditional with a Snow fairy bath bomb costing £5.25.

Something a bit more luxury to finish off this gifting post how about treating someone super special to a Jo Malone candle in a wide variety of scents for £47.00.

Product Links:

Primark (Check your local stores)

Spirituality Book: ASOS

Leopard Print Book: ASOS

Vogue Book: ASOS

BEING Gift set: Boots

ABH Lipstick set: Beauty Bay

Giorgio Armani minis: Boots

Nivea men gift set: Boots

Snow fairy soap: Lush

Snow fairy spray: Lush

Snow fairy bath bomb: Lush

Jo Malone Candle: Jo Malone

I hope this gave you some last minute gift ideas and you can now rush to the shops to pick up all these fab products for your friends or family. Or even treat yourself, because Christmas is all about giving. Hope you are all having a great Christmas season so far!

Lots of love x




Hey guys and girls,

My first christmassy post for you. The temperature has dropped dramatically from a mere 6 degrees now to around 0 which means Christmas is around the corner, and what better to do when getting yourself into the Christmas spirits than wander around the Christmas markets. Now I love the markets in Manchester, they are vast, spreading all across the city centre, offering anything your wildest dreams could conjure up!

My favourite has to be the food stalls, although I do love to buy myself a decoration (or two) at the handcrafted decoration stalls. One year I even bought a Christmas tree to decorate my uni halls with and it was really reasonably priced at around £15. So if you are a student in Manchester and want to get a real tree head down to the Christmas markets as splitting between 8 of you is such a bargain.

Blue Spruce ❤

Now my favourite food stall of course has to be the sweets and chocolate stalls. With such a vast array of chocolate goodness it’s so hard to pick one item to take home with you to enjoy after your long day walking around the markets. Plus you will have probably done 10,000 steps so one chocolate delight (or two, or three) won’t matter at all!

Give me all the chocolate

Something that I think is super cool about the markets is the hot chocolate. You get given it in a cute mug (okay some may say it is tacky but I think it is a really nice collectable item) for £6 you get the mug and the hot chocolate. I think this is a really nice touch and haven’t seen it at any other Christmas markets, although correct me if I am wrong.

Okay more sweet things, I promise the last one. Cookie dough. Now I looovveee cookie dough there is no doubt about it and this cookie dough was exceptionally delicious. If you like cookie dough I 100% recommend. But fear not, in the Arndale there is a cooke dough stall if you missed your chance at the markets.

Cookie dough of dreams

Now if you would like something a bit more savoury there are so many food stalls, from hog roasts to paella to german sausages, there really is something for everyone. Not to forget the Yorkshire pudding wrap, which creates the longest queues you could imagine!

Heaven in a wrap

Another one of my favourites is the Cheese stall. I am obsessed with cheese I honestly don’t know how I would live with out it. It’s a very sad time when there isn’t any cheese in my fridge. However, this cheese stall is like no other, with flavours from pesto (my absolute favourite, you bet I picked myself up a block) to wasabi, there is so much to try and I would definitely recommend.

If you don’t like crowds, these markets wont be your favourite, even at quiet times it is hard to move around! I would recommend going when they open or close so that it isn’t super busy. The markets are open at 10am-8pm so keep this in mind when you are going.

To finish off this post I thought I would give you my outfit I wore to the markets. I wore my trusty orange cord coat and a really cute slip dress with a jumper. I love the slip dress as a layering piece it’s so me!


Outfit Details:

Jumper: Missguided (No longer available, something similar here)

Slip dress: H&M (No longer available, something similar here)

Boots: Primark

Coat: Primark

From the big Santa to the singing reindeer these markets really have it all. Get yourself down there before it’s too late, you have until the 23rd December – so you have 22 days to join in the festivities!

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

Izzy again! Today’s post is going to be about my current favourite colour for this autumn. Burnt orange. I’m officially obsessed and I think from my Instagram and blog posts you can see hints of this beautiful colour seeping through.

It’s just something about the colour that is so comforting and great for this time of year. I’ve been seeing it everywhere in the shops lately. From rust to orange to reddy browns, this tone is to die for. For me I think this colour is so super easy to style, pair with plain or neutral colours and you’re good to go! I adore the bold nature of this colour as I love making a statement with my outfits. What’s the point in wearing something cute if you don’t make a statement?

This post is here to showcase my favourite pieces in this beautiful colour from collections this season.  For my first piece and comes in top first (tied with my coat) is this gorgeous burnt orange skirt from Primark.

I have never bought a maxi skirt before, so this is a first for my ever growing fashion collection. I think what makes this much easier to wear is the high-low detailing. Along with the asymmetric hem line, I think this skirt is definitely something unique and I haven’t seen anything similar in other stores as of yet. The ribbed detailing enhances the flow of the skirt which I think is such a great touch. For someone who has never worn a maxi skirt in their life, or maxi anything for that matter (being 5ft5 hinders ones ability to wear longer length skirts and dresses) this is a definite win for me! Another bonus, I’m pretty sure it was only around £10. Primark steals my heart when it comes to pricing. Furthermore its so comfy in this really lovely jersey material, a complete win for any cosy throw on outfit for those 9am lectures. This skirt is so versatile as can be worn with trainers – chunky for that effortlessly cool look, or boots to add a chic touch to your outfit. I went for boots, due to the cold windy weather it was a tights outfit and I felt boots suited better. However pair with chunky trainers and statement socks and you’re ready to look vibey.

Outfit Details:

Top: Gucci

Skirt: Primark

Shoes: Primark

Earrings: Primark


My next piece comes from Topshop. This amazing rust orange tone is the current stand out piece in my wardrobe. The knot detailing incorporates an added element into the bodysuit which is really flattering to the figure. I paired with my staple denim skirt again from Topshop and my puma trainers – ready for a night out! This piece is so gorgeous and classy, making such an easy dressy outfit, which I know I’ll be wearing lots this season!

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit: Topshop

Skirt: Topshop

Shoes: Puma

Earrings: Primark


Primark, giving me all the feels this autumn. Producing yet another burnt orange piece for my collection. This adorable paperbag tie mini skirt is to die for this season. With the tortoiseshell buttons, the tie waist detailing and the colour it’s bang on trend. Primark really know how to provide some high fashion items without the high fashion prices. Pairing with my grey polo top from Topshop (I really like the combo of grey and orange),  my Miss Selfridge aviator coat and my black boots. Adding some leopard accessories to spice things up (because what is an outfit of mine without leopard accessories let’s be honest). This outfit is a winner in my opinion.

Miss Selfridge always have great deals on coats – I picked this one up for around £30/40 which is such a bargain for a coat like this! It is such high quality and so snug and comfy I adore it.  They are currently on offer for £40 so go snap it up if you want an early Christmas pressie!



Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop

Skirt: Primark

Coat: Miss Selfridge

Boots: Primark

Earrings: Primark


Saving the best till last. Hands down my favourite purchase of the month my orange coat. The comfiest thing ever, I lie in bed in it sometimes when I get back from a long day because it’s just that snuggly! The cord, the orange, the softness I just can’t get enough. For £25 this is such a steal! Yes the colour is very vibrant, so if you are afraid to wear it, make it the statement colour of your outfit paired with a black jumper and jeans. However for the more fashion forward of you, like me (or at least I like to think I am, studying fashion after all) I pair with most outfits, braving the colour and being bold.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Pull and Bear

Boots: Primark

Coat: Primark


Thank you for reading. Let me know what you think of burnt orange! Is it a colour you would wear? Is it a colour you cannot get enough of?

Lots of love x

OOTD | 13.11.2018


Hey guys and gals,

The weather is officially getting colder so my jumpers are slowly creeping out of the wardrobe. The leaves have fallen off the trees surrounding the streets with beautiful tones of oranges and reds. The perfect weather for the perfect autumn outfit. Today is another outfit post for you. I wore this outfit to uni and I felt really put together and effortlessly cool.


I have wanted to wear my leopard print trousers in the day for the longest time now but I have been far too apprehensive to. However I bit the bullet and decided to wear them out to uni. Now I know a lot of you would probably never wear something this statement to uni if you’re not on a fashion course – if I wasn’t so into fashion I wouldn’t dress up this much either!


But I wore them out and to dress the trousers down I wore my fluffy brown jumper which I have been obsessed with since I got it. Speaks for the trousers too. Is anyone else like that? Buying new clothes and wearing them ten times in a row, just me? Probably.


As I’m 5ft5 and a lot of retailers love to make trousers super long – I will never understand why. This makes it a nightmare to wear trousers in the day as I can’t wear heals with them. So little life hack for you – pin them up at the bottom if you can’t be bothered to go and get them taken up. Of course this won’t work for all trousers but as the leopard trousers are the perfect colour to hide the hair pins. To also make the trousers drag along in the muddy wet ground I wore my chunky trainers which are also great to dress this outfit down.

For accessories I wore small silver hoops and my gold layered necklaces. Both from primark.

I love this outfit and am so glad I was brave enough to wear this out. I will definitely be wearing these trousers out again in the day time! For a fashion student this is the perfect outfit to look put together but still be comfy and set for a long day ahead.

Outfit details:

Jumper: ISawItFirst

Trousers: ISawItFirst

Trainers: FILAS

Earrings: Primark

Necklaces: Primark

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit post and have more inspiration about how to wear leopard print – when will my obsession stop haha. If you have any recommendations for future posts just let me know and I’ll be happy to create a blog about them. Anyway see you all next week for a new post!!

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

You probably have all seen the massive trend floating around the high street and designer brands recently. Leopard print. Unless you have been living under a rock. Leopard print is everywhere! From dresses to trousers, all the way through to accessories. And I can’t seem to get enough of it! It used to never really appeal to me as a print, it never looked that great on clothes. I always steered clear. But I think the high street has done such a good job this season making leopard print look classy and also experimenting with it using bright colours and different patterns! For this post, I aim to show you how to style a trend I have been loving with many different options depending on how brave you are with the animal print trend.  Of course I would never actually wear real animal 🙂

Let’s start all out. A full leopard outfit. Yes, I said it, full leopard print. This may scare a lot of you and it would probably have scared me a while back too. But here we are – we’re doing it! The easiest way to do this is probably to wear a dress or a co-ord, but I like a challenge, and if you’re going to wear full on animal print lets go a bit more exciting. First thing’s first – leopard trousers. I LOVE them, a new staple in my wardrobe. What to pair with them? A leopard cami? A leopard body? It would be a bit much if it wasn’t a co-ord set, because the prints may not match. However, as I don’t own a leopard co-ord (as of yet) I can’t show you how to style, plus it’s too easy, we want something more challenging.

For this leopard outfit I’m going to pair the leopard trousers with a leopard jumper (the prints match together quite nicely). Pairing a casual top with night time trousers makes a really cool outfit in my opinion. To top off you could add a leopard headband and some leopard earrings. Pairing with white trainers just to have some contrast and to show you how to wear these trousers in a more casual setting. I would love to know your thoughts on this outfit and if you think it’s completely too much and you’re thinking “what this is ridiculous no one would ever wear this!”

Outfit Details:

Jumper: Miss Selfridge

Trousers: ISawItFirst

Shoes: FILA 

My favourite piece right now is my leopard print dress. I found it in Pull and Bear when I went to Valencia – which I don’t really go in to – but omg do they have some lovely pieces! This dress is one of them. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it! For this next leopard outfit we’re keeping it simple and easy with a leopard print dress. By wearing a printed dress it means that the dress can do the talking and you can keep the rest of your outfit quite simple and chic. I decided to dress this one up to have a few different vibes within these outfits. Therefore, I have paired with my chunky heeled boots to create a dressier feel. For accessories, of course, I had to have hoops. I went for gold hoops from Primark. I think this outfit is probably the easiest to wear, especially as wrap dresses have been so popular this summer. Including this print into your wardrobe is so simple and easy.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Pull and Bear

Boots: Primark

Earrings: Primark

For the next inspirational outfit, I wanted to have one piece as the centre of attention. So I’ve gone for leopard trousers with a simple bodysuit. I’ve picked my leopard trousers again because I want to show how easily you can style them and that you don’t need 100’s of leopard print things in your wardrobes to re-create these outfits. By having a statement piece like the leopard trousers, it makes such an easy outfit to ensure you stand out from the crowd. I wanted to show you what trainers would look like with this outfit so chucked on my FILA’s. However go more dressy with a pair of black heels and statement gold earrings rather than black! I think this is the perfect outfit for a night out be it dressy or more on the comfort side with trainers as your best friend. Maybe it’s your birthday or a special occasion and you want to look bomb. Then look bomb in your beaut leopard print trousers.


Outfit Details:

Bodysuit: Zara (no longer available, similar)

Trousers: ISawItFirst

Shoes: Fila

Earrings: Primark

For my penultimate ‘how to wear leopard’ inspo, I thought I’d stick to accessories. For those of you out there who want to get on with the trend but don’t fancy wearing leopard clothes, leopard accessories are the way forward for you. This can come in many forms – from bags, to earrings, to headbands, to scarfs – there are many ways you can incorporate leopard into an outfit. My favourite would be through earrings or headbands (my current obsession, is anyone else as obsessed as I am?). For this outfit I have kept it quite trend ready. With a nice pair of trousers and a mustard top, paired with a burnt orange coat – these colours compliment each other so well. To add a leopard print touch I’ve put on a headband and leopard print earrings to tie it all in. I think this is such a great way to incorporate leopard into an outfit without being too full on with it.

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21 (Similar)

Trousers: Zara (Similar)

Shoes: FILA’s

Earrings: Primark

Headband: Primark

Coat: Primark

Now because I am obsessed with this leopard print jumper – I saw it on someone on Instagram and fell in love instantly – I had to have two outfits featuring it. It’s from Miss Selfridge and is a bit pricey at around £32.00. However being the bargain Queen I am, I managed to snap it up with 20% discount off site wide or knitwear (can’t remember) and student discount on top so with delivery it came to less than £30 which to me is okay I guess. I dunno I loved it and wanted it so here I am with another new purchase.

So for my last outfit we have something more casual. I paired with my trusty tie up jeans that I wear absolutely everywhere all the time- they’re probably my most worn jeans atm! Throw on my cord coat and my FIlA’s and I’m good to go. I think this is probably the easiest and nicest of the outfits for people who may be more reserved when it comes to leopard.

Outfit Details:

Jumper: Miss Selfridge

Jeans: ISawItFirst

Shoes: FILA

Another animal trend that has also stolen my heart is snake print. So if you’d like I will do another post like this showcasing how to wear snake print. Maybe a harder print to style than leopard? Let me know if you’d like that!

So eat you’re heart out over these outfits! I hope you love them as much as I do. And I hope it inspires you to get on board with the trend and become just as animal print obsessed as I am.

Lots of Love x



Hey guys and gals,

Today’s post is all about my recent weekend trip to Nottingham to visit my boyfriend. As it’s our last year at uni we want to try and make the most of the cities we are in. We are doing this by trying to visit all the cute and quirky places we can find before our year is up! This is because it’s unlikely we will stay where we are after uni with the ideal goal of working in London. For this blog I will show you my outfits and any cool places we ended up going 🙂

This outfit I wore into uni and then on the train down to Nottingham. It’s super comfy and stylish – a must for my outfits. I put on some Barbie socks to add some fun to my outfit and I really like how it looks.

Outfit Details:

Top: Topshop

Jeans: ISawItFirst

Shoes: Fila

Socks: Primark

For dinner we went to TGI’s (no where new or quirky but so delicious). I wore my leopard dress which I adore – you will have seen this in my ‘How to wear leopard post’. I think it’s so pretty and I love the style. I put on some black tights and black boots (£10 from Primark – absolute steal if you ask me). To accessorise I wore these gold layered  necklaces which is a style that has been so in recently and some black woven basket-esk earrings.

We then went back home and watched The Good Place and Ozark – both of which I love and two very different TV shows. I’m so happy the good place is back I think its such a clever and funny show. Ozark is a new show me and my boyfriend have started to watch and I’m hooked! 10/10 recommend.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Pull and Bear

Boots: Primark

Necklace: Primark

Earrings: Primark

The next day I went to visit my friend for lunch as she also goes to UoN! We went to the crocus cafe. It’s a not-for-profit cafe and has really nice values behind it.

Today I went for a less typical Izzy outfit and wore something bold. A long skirt. Something I have never owned or worn actually! So yes very brave for me. What drew me to it was the colour and style. The beautiful burnt orange colour with the asymmetric hem and ribbed detailing is like no maxi skirt I’ve ever seen before. I think what makes it easier to wear is that it’s a high low skirt therefore doesn’t make me look like a stump. At least thats what I think I’d look like if I wore a maxi skirt. For around £10, it’s such nice quality and is super comfy to wear due to the jersey material. I paired it with my t-shirt with leopard detailing. I think this outfit is super cute and not something I’d usually go for but I love it! So be brave, go out and buy yourself a maxi skirt and I’m sure you can rock it!

Outfit Details:

Top: Stradivarius

Skirt: Primark 

Shoes: Fila

Socks: Brandy Melville – no longer available 

Earrings: Primark

In the evening we all went to Ocean – a semi-cheese student night in Notts! I have to say it’s such a busy club I don’t think I’ve been anywhere so packed in Manchester! Nonetheless, I had a really fun time! I wore jeans to go out clubbing this time as they go better with my bodysuit. I’ve had my black Joni jeans for the longest time, they defo need re-buying, they’ve looked better…. but not just yet with their price tag! Tip: buy black dye to re-dye them it’s great! On top is my wine coloured lace bodysuit from ISawItFirst from my September new-in post! I love their bodysuits as they make such easy outfits for nights out! On my feet I opted for Puma trainers as I don’t mind if they get a bit knocked up and they’re not as precious as my FILAs. With the sticky floors of Ocean (i.e. the layer of VK on the floor) my FILAs are a big no no.

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit: ISawItFirst

Jeans: Topshop

Trainers: Puma

Earrings: Cant remember 😦 

Saturday we had a relaxed start to the morning. Day plan was to go into town and try the pudding pantry and then head to the Goose Fair. However, good old British rain meant we didn’t head to the fair, we didn’t fancy the cold wet and muddy ground the fair would have for us. So instead we headed to Barburrito, got some lunch down us then hit the shops. Of course, I went into Primark and bought more clothing items. I bought this beautiful burnt orange cord puffer jacket (what a mouthful) and I’m SO in love! For £25 I couldn’t say no!


Afterwards, we headed to the pudding pantry which is this quaint and cute pudding cafe with things from freakshakes to pancakes! I ordered a loaded hot chocolate – a hot chocolate accompanied by a piece of brownie (I thought I’d get a slab but, no, a little piece) and my boyfriend got the apple crumble. It was delicious and in such a beautiful cafe. I would 100% go back. But maybe order the hot chocolate and brownie separate if you’re hungry haha! This day I wore my new camo dress (from Primark I’d picked up a few days before – I know I have a serious Primark addiction) with a white roll neck underneath for warmth! I’d like to say I got the coat because my denim jacket wasn’t warm enough (despite my boyfriend saying I’d be fine), however, it’s just an excuse. I put on my boots again – in love with these – and I was good to go. Oh and my fave headband at the moment, my brown cord one! For accessories I wore these clear hoop earrings but I’m unsure how I feel about them.


Outfit details:

Dress: Primark

Roll neck: Primark

Tights: Primark

Shoes: Primark

Earrings: Primark

Headband: Primark – I’m joking it’s from New Look

For the final day in Nottingham we went to the cinema to see Johnny English #3. It was an okay film, not great but not the worst! Some of the jokes were a average, but overall is an easy watch. For this day I chucked on my jeans again and a nude bodysuit to sit well under my new coat. It’s only £9.99 from New Look which I think is such a bargain as the quality and feel is so nice! I threw my hair back with my camo headband and that was me sorted. FILAs on and I was off to the station waving goodbye to Nottingham for another two weeks or so.

Outfit details:

Bodysuit: New Look

Jeans: ISawItFirst

Shoes: Fila’s

Coat: Primark

Headband: PrettyLittleThing (Similar – Snake print).

Stay tuned for more of my adventures in Nottingham and hopefully by the time the year is up I’ve visited all the wonderful places Nottingham has to offer! If you have any recommendations of where to go in Nottingham do let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear! Anyway, bye for now.

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

So for Halloween this year sadly I’m not doing anything. Being at home and friends with deadlines gives the combination of a lack of plans for this spooky eve! However the main thing I’m sad about not being able to do is dress up. This is always my favourite part, even from when I was a kid. Therefore, I thought I would create a blog showing some of the best halloween outfits available on the high street that I have seen floating around online.

If you’re running super late on an idea. I mean halloween is in three days, head down to Primark and pick up one of their many halloween themed headbands, from witches to pumpkins, to spooky unicorns they have it all! Pair with an all black outfit and you’re good to go.

If you want something a bit more put together then here are eight ideas for you!


One of the most effective costumes I think in terms of makeup and outfit. Here are the top items to make yourself into a spooky skeleton for the 31st! Co-ord, jumpsuit, dress, so many options for you! I also think these Gypsy Shrine jewels look absolutely stunning. For a more understated look pair this skeleton top with black jeans and have the focus on detailed skeleton makeup.

Pic from Missguided’s website.



Outfit Details:

Top: Missguided

Face Glitter: Missguided 



This is an outfit I have worn myself and it’s probably my favourite halloween costume to go for. So simple and cute, yet really effective. However not that spooky. Maybe add some blood detailing to amp up the horror. One piece of advice, this isn’t the easiest costume to wear clubbing – packed club with a halo and wings, not the best idea. But for a house party this would be great! Missguided have the perfect dress for this outfit, however is low in stock in most sizes so opt for a velvet jumpsuit! Or a black bodysuit and skirt. You’re choice, again such a versatile costume.

Picture from Missguided’s website.

Outfit Details:

Halo and Wings: Amazon 

Jumpsuit: New Look

Dress: Missguided



Now I have a massive obsession with unicorns, and I think this would make the cutest costume. Pair this unicorn headband with a black jumpsuit and you’re sure to turn heads. Perfect for your unicorn lovers.

Picture from Topshop’s website.

Outfit Details:

Horn: Topshop

Jumpsuit: New Look



Lets give you a break from all the really put together outfits. Considering halloween is only a few days away, here is the perfect outfit for you lazy gals out there. Here is a  cute crop top that you could pair with cycling shorts to look bang on trend. This is the perfect costume for those who want to look like you didn’t try too hard yet still halloween appropriate. Even add some blood to spook things up!

Picture from PLT’s website.

Outfit Details:

Top: PLT

Cycling Shorts: PLT



The most typical outfit for halloween I think. However I have switched this up with a cool slogan tee, cycling shorts and a witches hat. A little different from the bin bag and witch hat I used to wear when I was a child :’). Again another perfect outfit for those who want to look less typically halloweeny than usual!

Picture from Missguided’s website.

Outfit Details:

Hat: ISawItFirst

Tshirt: PLT

Cycling shorts: PLT



A costume that never used to be around when I was child, unless you were dressing up as Ariel – not that scary in my opinion. But mermaids and aliens with the scale-like features are increasingly popular over the years. So here is the perfect item if you want to dress up as a haunting mermaid. These awesome mermaid leggings. Pair with a black bodysuit and some mermaid makeup – with colourful hair extensions or hair spray – make sure you plait your hair for added effect. You have one great mermaid costume!

Picture from ISawItFirst’s website.

Outfit Details:

Bodysuit: ISawItFirst

Leggings: ISawItFirst 



For my second to last idea, something classic. A school girl. Total clueless vibes – even take it to the next level and dress up as Cher. Or if you’re going as a group, dress up as the whole crew. Topshop have the best co-ords in the sale that are total clueless vibes. Pair the co-ord with a white t-shirt or white satin shirt, some knee high socks and strappy heels and you’re the perfect school girl. Well not so perfect, dress code would probably tell you off.

Picture from Topshop’s website.

Outfit Details:

Co-ord: Topshop – Jacket and Skirt

Socks: ISawItFirst

Shirt: PLT

Heels: ISawItFirst



Now I am a sucker for leopard print – as my post in a few weeks will show you! So if I was dressing up this year I’d probably pick this! I thought it would make a perfect last outfit idea for you. An adorable tiger, leopard- whatever feline animal you want to go as. This is a step up from the typical cat look that most girls go for. So what to wear? This gorgeous bodysuit paired with leopard trousers or black jeans, a mask and these awesome leopard boots. The perfect outfit for your feline needs.

Picture from PLT’s website.

Outfit Details:

Mask: New Look

Bodysuit: PLT

Boots: New Look

Now I know these outfits are all geared towards girls but guys you can take inspiration too! Most halloween costumers are non-gender specific. Couples costume? I think so, two scary skeletons you’d look fab! I hope this has given you some inspiration for those with last minute plans, or just last minute organisation.

Lots of love x

OOTD | 29.09.18


Hey guys and gals,

My first OOTD for you (or outfit of the day for any who may not know what that stands for). I went for lunch with my good friend this day and was so nice to have a proper catch up after the whole summer basically not seeing each other! Being a Saturday of course it was busy, but being Manchester Uni’s open day it was rammed. We wanted to go to the museum cafe – I’ve never been and always wanted to go! However, a) it was rammed and b) all the food they had left was soup or stew and I don’t like soup or stew. So we headed down to another cafe/restaurant and ate our hearts out!

I’m not going to lie, I was actually quite cold in this outfit and wished I’d taken a coat out with me, but only being out for a few hours it wasn’t too much of an issue. I always forget how much colder it is up here in Manchester. I’m not sure if that’s just me but I swear that its about 10 degrees colder up here than in the South. This day I went quite simple but I always think they make the best outfits. I put on a cream knitted top that I bought in Valencia in a boutique for £10 – a complete steal! This for me is so great for the autumn months as its such a versatile piece and great for layering. It’s also so easy to pair with different pieces due to the neutral colour. Everyone needs a simple knitted top in their wardrobe. I chose my two tone jeans which have been featured on this blog before. I really like these jeans as they make such a statement, giving a new dimension to the jeans and a nice top outfit. For my feet I wore my pink adidas shoes which I adore, and they’re super comfy too. To keep myself warm I put on my trusty cable knit batwing cardigan from River Island which I bought so long ago now and it’s now such a staple in my wardrobe. Yes River Island’s price tags aren’t everyones favourite but I think for a staple in my wardrobe it was definitely worth the investment. It’s again so easy to style, I think I see a theme here? For my bag of course it’s my Louis – my current and absolute favourite, honestly has taken over any other cross body bag I have and my Micheal Kors backpack which I wore all the time. I think I particularly love this bag because it’s so effortlessly cool and so chic. It brings such a statement to an outfit without being too heavily branded or in your face. To accessorise I put my new velvet headband on from New Look which I really like and looks so nice with my hair curled – if I do say so myself haha. Earrings, my burgundy leopard hoops. These are such cool earrings as they are textured almost like animal fur feel. Of course not real!! Don’t you worry.

Outfit Details:

Top: Boutique (Similar

Jeans: ISawItFirst

Cardigan: River Island

Shoes: Adidas

Headband: New Look

Earrings: New Look

So that’s it for this outfit, but how beautiful is this wall cascading with the beautiful deep red and orange toned leaves. A beautiful background for a photo. Thank you Manchester for being beautiful.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of shorter OOTD style posts. Do you prefer them to my longer posts? Do you like them but also like my long rambling posts. Let me know! Once again thank you so much for reading I really hope you found this one interesting. See you soon.

Lots of love x



Hey guys and gals,

Look who went away again! This time I explored another beautiful city, the city of Valencia! It has never really crossed my mind to come to Valencia, I never really knew much about it, but boy is it a great place to visit! From food and culture to beautiful architecture, this place has it all! And it’s even on the coast – beach and city holiday all in one? Basically another Barcelona (which I also loved).  And not to mention the great weather, it was basically 30 degrees the whole time we were there (it was such a shock coming back to England after). So going away means great news for you guys, another look-book. This time I managed to snap up my evening looks too! I’m getting better at this blogging life haha.

Day One | The Day I Died 

River Turía

To my horrifying surprise, I had the worst plane journey to Valencia. I was sick the whole journey non stop. It was not nice to say the least. I was so drained when we got there (we’d got up at 2am and with the flight antics) so we had a very chilled first day. After having a quick lie down and a freshen up in the shower, we headed down to the pool to chill before we ventured for lunch. We wandered down some side streets – probably better to eat in the centre as the food we got was not very nice. But we were starving and any food was better than no food.

After our disappointing paella we wandered over to the River Turía, a long stretch of gardens that was formally a river before it got drained. See – I did learn some history while I was out there!

I opted for a playsuit this day, I wanted to have something easy to chuck on and with the playsuit being white I could accessorise with a headband to jazz up the outfit. It adds such a nice touch and is so easy. All of you can wear a simple playsuit, add an accessory and you’ve completely transformed an outfit. I really like this playsuit. It’s so simple and easy and definitely enhances a tan! Of course I chucked on my trusty brown sandals and my Louis bag and I was good to go.

The Turía Gardens are so pretty and cool. I would definitely recommend going if you’re headed to Valencia. It’s just a nice place to chill if you’ve had a long time travelling and I’d say almost one of the most culturally important areas of Valencia.

Outfit Details:

Playsuit: Primark

Sandals: Topshop (Similar)

Bag: Louis Vuitton (Similar)

Headband: Pretty Little Thing

Evening One | In love With The Burgers 

Black Label Burgers

On the first night of any holiday, I feel like finding a place for dinner is a challenge. Especially in Spain when you want to eat at 6:30pm and most restaurants don’t open till 8/9pm. So we wandered around near our hotel and found this gem of a restaurant called Black Label Burgers. The interior design of this place was spectacular and not to mention the burgers. One of the nicest chicken burgers and chips I have ever had. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who ever comes across one! I was sure stuffed and ready for bed after my delicious meal and excited for a new day to come and explore Valencia more.

I put on this really gorgeous red dress. I love the dainty floral pattern alongside a tie up detailing and some frilled straps. It really transforms the dress from basic to interesting. It’s from PLT so completely affordable and comes in many colours. The sizing seems a bit off depending on the colour you get. I tried a 6 in the red and an 8 in the yellow so I could pick which colour. When I then ordered the red in an 8 it seemed bigger than the yellow 8, just keep in mind if you order – either buy a few sizes or be prepared to return it!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Pretty Little Thing

Shoes: Fila

Scrunchie: Primark

Earrings: Primark

Day Two | Pool Relaxation and Exploring the City

City Centre

We decided for the second day we were going to make the most of the nice weather and chill by the pool for the morning and wander into town for lunch, then go for an explore later on. I’m so glad we had a pool at our hotel, I love swimming and any chance I get to go away I need a pool! Despite the fact the pool was freezing cold I still went in to get my holiday swim! When it got closer to lunch time we headed into the centre and came across a really beautiful square with a fountain and the most gorgeous buildings (for the life of me I cannot remember what it was called, but beautiful nonetheless). When we’d filled up on food we headed to Amorino, which is an ice-cream place which serves you ice creams in the shape of a rose (I love anything rose shaped!). They have them in London so if you’re visiting, go! We then went to the food market and explored around there. I always love food markets abroad, they’re so cool and seem so much more sophisticated than markets we have at home. After then getting lost by Google Maps we finally ended up at the Silk Exchange which was originally Valencia’s stock exchange. It consists of three parts, one main hall, a tower and a chapel. It also had orange trees which were really cool! For €1, I would totally recommend going to have a look, another cultural part of Valencia to tick off the list.

For this day I wore my polka dot wrap skirt from Brandy Melville with a frilly bandeau. I really like this outfit I think it’s super girly! This is a great outfit for the heat, the material from the skirt is nice and flowy allowing the breeze to come through paired with a itty bitty top you’re sure to not get too hot! Of course I had a leopard head band on to accessorise, but when am I not wearing a headband these days? I wore my FILAs to allow for comfy walking of 20,000 steps!

Outfit Details:

Top: Primark

Skirt: Brandy Melville

Shoes: Fila

Headband: ISawItFirst

Bag: Louis Vuitton (Similar)

Evening Two | Tapas For Three

Tapas Night

This evening we met my friend for tapas who is studying abroad in Valencia for a year (how cool!). It was so delicious and came in great big portions, I was so satisfied with the feeling in my belly afterwards. It actually rained this night which was such a disappointment as we got soaked whilst walking through the streets. My poor trousers 😦 – they’re okay now haha.

For tapas I dressed up a bit and I adore the outfit. I wore my beautiful leopard trousers with a white sparkly top and I think its such a sophisticated look. Great for any dinner dates you may have. I chucked on some leopard earrings to match with the outfit and my brown sandals. I would so wear sandals in the day but with the great amount of walking we did it’s just not feasible or comfy. I’m still trying to experiment with ways I can wear these trousers on a more casual day with trainers, but as you can tell they are quite long so my chunky trainers would be a must! If you have any recommendations let me know.

Outfit Details:

Top: River Island (No longer available)

Trousers: ISawItFirst

Shoes: Topshop (Similar)

Day Three | City Of Science And Arts

City of the Science and Arts
Valencia’s beautiful beach



For Wednesday our plan was to hit up the City of Science and Arts and the beach. We got so confused on finding a bus to get there that we went on the tour bus instead. for €14 it’s well priced. Stopping at sites along the way and explaining everything you see I would definitely recommend you do this whilst in Valencia. Once we got to the Science and Arts area we decided out of all the attractions we would go in the Science Museum, and at around €6 for a student ticket I wouldn’t say it broke the bank. It was a really cool museum with an array of exhibitions that were equally interesting. From an exhibition all about Mars to more wacky attractions such as a steady hand game, or a LEGO exhibition, this museum had it all.

After visiting up the science and arts area we headed to the beach, where I wore my new swimming costume from Victoria Secret – I managed to find it in the sale for around £15! Such a bargain. It was probably too hot to wear a swimming costume to the beach but I really wanted to wear it whilst I was away. The beach was actually really nice with a pleasantly warm sea.

For this day I opted again for a bandaue and shorts. Bandeau are definitely my go to for holidays – it allows you to get nice and tanned due to the strapless style. I bought this top from Primark and it had been hiding in my wardrobe all summer, so I made sure I took it and wore it whilst in Valencia and I really like it. It’s so easy to style and has a bit of extra detail with the big buttons down the front. These shorts are my go to in summer, I’m not the biggest fan of denim shorts, I think material shorts are so much nicer, way more feminine and easier to style in my opinion. Again, I wore my FILAs for comfort but took my brown sandals in my bag for when I was on the beach, as sand in your trainers is the absolute worst. Chucked my hair back with a scrunchie as it was so hot and I was good to go.

Outfit Details:

Top: Primark

Shorts: Miss Selfridge (Similar)

Shoes: Fila 

Scrunchie: American Apparel

Swimming Costume: Victoria Secret

Evening Three | Burgers Again?

For the evening we went to the same yummy burger place. I was so hot this evening, so I just chucked my hair up and put on my cute white skirt with this really pretty floral top that can also be worn as a bandeau. I paired with my lace up sandals from Ego which have been a big hit for me this summer. And off we went to fill our bellies with more delicious burgers.

Outfit Details:

Top: Missguided (No longer available) 

Skirt: Forever21

Shoes: Ego

Earrings: New Look (Similar)

Scrunchie: Primark

Day Four | Beautiful Views and Home Again 

Some cool graffiti
Botanical Gardens

For our final day we managed to jam pack quite a bit in. My friend had informed us that on Thursdays at Midday its tradition for a group of people to come out at the cathedral and talk about the water situation in Valencia. Of course nowadays the water is all drained from the river so this no longer happens and is now just a traditional activity. We wandered along to the cathedral to watch this spectacle as many other tourists did – it was amazing how many people turned up for a few minutes of entertainment. After having watched the ‘water people’ we went straight up the bell tower. This was something I was so eager to do and love doing in every city I go to, whether it’s a skyscraper, tower or other high point. It’s so nice to be able to view the city from above and get a real take on the landscape. It was only €2 to go up but boy were the stairs a challenge! But the views were totally worth it. It’s so amazing how a city can look so different from above.

For lunch we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe as we didn’t really know where else to go and thought at least then we can have a hearty meal before we head to the airport. It was yummy but I have to say New York is still my favourite Hard Rock. And to my disappointment I couldn’t get a mug either – I have one from Barcelona which has a cool skyline on – but the Valencia mug was just ‘Hard Rock Valencia’ and for €20 it was a no from me. So no new mug to add to my collection. My mum will be happy about that haha.

After lunch, we headed to the botanical gardens. On our way we saw some cool graffiti, I must say I was surprised by the interesting graffiti Valencia has. The gardens were beautiful but I wouldn’t recommend going as I got bitten alive. I guess now you know this piece of information you can bug spray up before you go. But I’m not happy as a week later I still have marks on my legs 😦 After this we headed back to the airport and said goodbye to Valencia.

In terms of my outfit, I wore my favourite dress (I think ever) from Brandy Melville. I was on the hunt for a wrap dress for the longest time and this dress exceeded expectations. It’s so easy and simple to wear, I love it so much. It was super hot this day so I tied my hair in a low bun and let my earrings do the talking. No evening outfit this day as we spent it on the plane!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Brandy Melville

Shoes: Fila’s

Earrings: Primark

I would totally recommend Valencia as a place to stay. Four days was completely enough time. I think any longer and there wouldn’t have been much more to do. Yeah, we didn’t go to the aquarium or the zoo, but to do the main attractions and still have time to lie by the pool and beach, four days was fine!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed this look-book. I’d love to know if it has inspired you to go to Valencia, or if you liked any of my tips or tricks!

Lots of Love x

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